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         There is a concept you need to be aware of before you can understand ETs and UFOs. Once you understand the concept a new world will open up for you. To understand the concept we need to consider two words, ether and etheric. Both of these words are addressed in greater detail through the linked articles on the left. As for now consider the following point. Everything within our world that you see, feel, taste and hear vibrates within a high and low range. To most people something that is etheric has a rate of vibration beyond our range of detection. All humans as well as all objects within our world have an etheric double or etheric body.

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 Healing Water


               A nurse reports on her visit to the miraculous healing water well of Tlacote, Mexico, where she experienced an unexpected miracle.

               Since May 1991, in the small town of Tlacote, two and a half hours drive north of Mexico City, a well has been producing miracle water. The ranch owner, Mr.Chahin, discovered the healing properties when his injured dog recovered
rapidly, having drunk the water. After successful tests on his ranch workers, he opened up his gates to the public.

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         As we look at pictures of the planets in our solar system we are led to assume, Earth is the only planet with life. However assumptions are usually not correct. Could it be Earth is the only planet with what we call "dense" physical life?

         New developments in technology, especially in infrared and terahertz imagine technology is beginning to show our "dense" physical plane is just one of several planes on our planet. With the aid of these new technologies we are beginning to understand there are other planes that contain life.


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Maitreya, the World Teacher


Maitreya's Hand

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Sahaja Yoga



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Lourdes Water


Apparitions of Mary in Zeitun, Egypt

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