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New Disclosure Petition II Coast to Coast AM Radio George Noory with guest Stephen Basset UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett talked about a new petition he is spearheading, which is posted on the White House/We the People website. In response to a previous petition, the Obama administration declared that the US govt. has no knowledge of ET contact, so the new petition asks for information related to the Rockefeller Initiative which was said to investigate the ET question during the Clinton administration. Bassett noted that the new petition needs to get 25000 signatures in order to receive a response from the government.

“Plauge of Demons” Eph 6:10 – Be strong in the Lord – be spiritual Rams, not lambs Eph 6:11 – Stand against the wiles of Satan – live righteously, continuously, don’t backslide Eph 6:12 – We fight against Satan, his Fallen Angels, their demonic hoard Eph 6:13 – again, this means know scripture frontwards and backwards, let it ooze from every pore Eph 6:14 – loins means sexual impulses under control, don’t live in the flesh; breastplate of righteousness, your inner core, your inner self shows at you aren’t puffed up with sin but with the good things of the Lord; Eph 6:15 – you are always ready to give your testimony and tell people about Jesus, you’re not afraid to speak, whereever you are, whereever you go Eph 6:16 – the shield of faith – this means that when you have negative thoughts, when you get depressed, when you speak negatively about yourselve and others you take that captive (the firey darts) and replace it with God’s Truth, you aren’t worthless you are a child of God so think like it, act like it! Eph 6:17 – And take the helmet of salvation – you know that you know that you know that Jesus has saved you from death and sin; the sword of the Spirit – use scripture to battle those negative thoughts Eph 6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; (pray for all Christians all over the world) Eph 6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me Greetings from the Federation: Today we speak of a quickening which is occurring at every level of your reality. It is not a “quickening” of time as you may believe occurs. Sometimes, this is just the way of your perceptions, and not of the “reality” of time itself. Rather, we speak of a quickening of all that underlies the reality fabric of your world. Great noises are being heard in your skies. They are real, they are happening, and they are part of this quickening process. It is becoming abundantly clear to those in power that all they have seen in their time technologies is becoming a reality around them. These noises are another level of the advancements towards the process which will bring about the lasting changes you have been waiting for. But these changes will not come in great quantum leaps. They will be gradual, but undeniable. The quickening will also affect the way communication is achieved in your reality on every level. You will sense more and more and need less and less speech to convey meaning. Your technologies which assist you in communications are also undergoing changes of their own. Another “break through” technology will be announced shortly that will affect the way radio waves are communicated around the globe.

History Channel Documentary Ancient Aliens: The Series ????????? ??? ??????????? ——————————————————- Ancient underwater cities can be found around the globe, but could these aquatic worlds be the ruins of unknown civilizations–or even proof of extraterrestrial visitations? The infamous tale of the long lost city of Atlantis may be a preserved memory of an ancient alien metropolis. Beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru, the ruins of recently discovered temples support local legends of an underwater UFO base. Ancient Indian texts, known as Sangams, describe sunken cities where aliens and humans intermingled thousands of years ago. Who could have built the 600-foot stepped stone structure off the coast of Japan–a site that may predate the Egyptian pyramids by thousands of years? Could evidence of ancient alien contact lie buried in Earth’s deepest oceans?

Written and recorded during the Whip It On sessions in 2001 in Copenhagen, The Raveonettes’ Christmas Song was never intended for release. It eventually ended up as a B-side to their Heartbreak stroll single and quickly became the bands biggest selling song to date. The video was recorded in Sune’s NYC apartment. According to the band there was supposed to be a guy dressed up as a homeless Santa but he never made it.

The Whispers – This Christmas

I love Christmas and I think giving is a beautiful thing. This song was just a fun way to remember that Christmas isn’t just about material gifts. Download this song here: Web: Facebook Twitter: Song written by: Mike Tompkins & Bryan Tompkins Special thanks to Chris and Kayla for helping with this video! The Christmas Rush – LYRICS I hit the mall, spendin’ dollars. To show people what they mean to me. Got trampled trying to find an elmo. Got pepper sprayed, guess that was free… They gotta know, that gifts mean love. I got my Mom MJ’s glove. And as for pops, a crystal bird house. It doesn’t really even matter what Christmas about baby. I bought the fam lots of crap for Christmas, Forgot who I bought it for yeah. It won’t be Christmas without presents, Spending till my card gets sore yeah. And who knew, that this holiday could make me so poor yeah. And who knew, That i’d almost break my pelvis in a revolving door yeah. I got my bro some N’Sync earmuffs, then fought off Britney tryin’ to steal from me. My sis is gettin’ a brand new loofa, the jokes on her cause it was free. This time of year the stores get nuts. Who knew that meat mitts could cost so much? I think the Mall Cop just grabbed my butt. I’m gettin’ kind of sick of this Christmas rush baby. I bought the fam lots of crap for Christmas, Forgot who I bought it for yeah. It won’t be Christmas without presents, Spending till my card gets sore yeah. And who knew, that this holiday

Ocotber 30, 2008 Season 6 Episode 39 Kids are presenting their creative halloween costumes for some sweets on Ellen.

I was accused of having no Christmas Spirit!? Special thanks to Justin Safaei

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