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Put it back together, it’s still not working quite right, but that’s better than nothing.

Binaural beats, Monaural beats and Isochronic tones use particular sound waves in patterns, giving the ability to change brain and even body function. Often used in meditation or relaxation, sound waves stimulate parts of the brain to react in a specific desire much like a tuning fork. These videos are a collection that I have spent a long time putting together, each having a different effect. A way to get the mind, body and spirit to cooperate together. I started with laying down twin tracks of isochronic tones to produce an altered state of mind in a shorter amount of time. Not to mention they are more powerful and still a fairly new technology. Secondly, I added, a more subtle and periodic, set of binaural beat tracks behind the isochronic tones, to still allow for both hemispheres of the brain to be stimulated without being overloaded. And thirdly, adding 3 more tracks of sound effects and background music, more to entertain the imagination and help with focus. Kind of like adding flavoring to medicine. Unlike with binaural beats, using 2 tones, Monaural beats work with only 1 tone, allowing your brain to adapt quicker and more comfortably. Yet with Isochronic tones being the more powerful of the three, by increasing and decreasing the tones and speed an altered state and tuning of the brain is accomplished more rapidly. So by combining the usefulness of all three, not to mention the “flavoring”, I have found that, as a whole, can be extremely powerful. So far they

Donate today to support this juicy webTV. Thank you! – From Dr PIllai’s website: Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an international teacher, spiritual leader, humanitarian and scholar-mystic from Southern India. Through his educational and humanitarian initiatives, Dr. Pillai’s mission is to alleviate human pain and suffering in all forms. Support the Juicy living Tour and donate today! The tour needs your support !!

Chrysler upgrades: *HIDs 9006 set .00 * Prestige APS997 Remote Starter 0.00 installed. * Power Acoustik PTID-7002NR Head unit 0.00 * *Pro Audio 1.5″ Tweeter .00 * Planet Audio1″ silk dome tweeters .00 * Front Speakers Kicker KS650 6.5″ .00 * Rear Speakers Kicker 6X9 DS690 .00 * Tview 10.2″ LCD Visor TVs 0.00 * Tview 7″ Headrest LCD TVs 0.00 * Tview 24″ LCD Drop Down TVs 0.00 * Custom Mounted 32″ LCD TV rear windshield $ its up there LOL * 120 volt inverter * PS3 * Power Acoustik Amps BAMF 2000.1 Mono Block Class D 0.00 *BAMF 1200.4 4 Channel 0.00 * 2nd Optima Blue top deep cycle battery and Optima Red Top starting battery * Lighting Audio capacitor 2 Farads .00 * (2) Kicker CVRs 10″ .50 ea. * Custom computer designed ported subwoofer box 0.00 * Bass Generator .00 * Siren .00 * Tview Rear view camera color with night vision .00 With anything electronic new models come out every year prices change as well call us for the best deals , and prices listed cover shipping in the USA. All Jobs are measured and tested with FLUKE tools ! See my Facebook alot of pics Join us. Thank you . Hector’s Car Audio Tint & Alarms 1391 W. Hwy 77 San Benito , Tx 78586 (956) 399 – 8476 Call us ask for Hector

Humans are multidimensional beings, however most people are unaware of the communication that happens outside of verbal language. Learn about non-physical verbal forms of communication, such as sound, emotional energies, etheric energies, astral energies, body language, telepathy and intuition in this Higher Self video teaching. Understanding the nature of multidimensional communication is not only a tool for more skillful interaction with other people, animals, plants and non-physical beings, it is also a very effective way to understand our own ego. Through the study and practice of all forms of communication, we are better able to discover the motives and desires that drive our own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Existing at the core of this study of non-verbal communication and language is the practice of staying in non-bias awareness – true Zen-like meditative awareness. The more you understand yourself, the more you will understand others. Gain a valuable tool to help you work to purify deeper layers of yourself and also interaction more skillfully in this world. Make the practice of staying in meditative awareness a regular part of your daily life. Have the benefits and pleasure of experiencing yourself free from the internal talk of the ego as you continue to cultivate inner silence and greater knowledge.Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self October 29, 2011 Spiritual Understanding of Non-verbal

Fix & Repair broken tv. Is your LCD not turning on? Black Screen? Does it just blink? Don’t take it in to the repair shop and loss over 500 hundreds bucks. This solution does it for under 40 bucks… One Thing I forgot to mention is to make sure that you remember which side of the capacitor is the Negative Side. Theres a Positive and Negative End on each capacitor just like batteries do. The negative side usually has a different colored strip down its sides. When installing the new capacitor, put the negative end just like the other one was. Also, there will be two numbers on the capacitors. There will be Volts and uF. My suggestion is ALWAYS keep the same uF as your original one. When choosing what volt size, get a capacitor with the same as the orginal or hgher.

my favourite piece , Indidginus – Spiritual Spearmints One word : awesome ———————————————————————————New Indidginus Sofa Surfer Album Mashup Mix! presented by Greensound Technology™ offers specially engineered glass speakers that create a natural, high-fidelity sound. By utilizing a patented technology, this innovation provides an unmatched harmony of consistent high quality tone, everlasting performance, and elegant design to fit any venue. Unlike traditional speakers with components that break down over time, Greensound Technology™ is able to maintain this sophisticated level of performance forever. By employing the concept of sound projection thru glass, each of the glass speakers can deliver true 360° sound to produce an optimal listening experience for any member of an audience. Greensound Technology™ also maintains flexibility as a fundamental value. Several product lines and configurations are available for versatility, personalization, and optimal performance anywhere.

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chrome and paint music video from “laugh now cry later” album. on new samsung led tv.

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