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New Disclosure Petition II Coast to Coast AM Radio George Noory with guest Stephen Basset UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett talked about a new petition he is spearheading, which is posted on the White House/We the People website. In response to a previous petition, the Obama administration declared that the US govt. has no knowledge of ET contact, so the new petition asks for information related to the Rockefeller Initiative which was said to investigate the ET question during the Clinton administration. Bassett noted that the new petition needs to get 25000 signatures in order to receive a response from the government.

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Millions of Ethiopians suffer from tuberculosis and AIDS. Many of them travel to a holy mountain, seeking a cure from the water. One solution? Offer treatment at holy sites. Can science and faith come together to fight these two diseases? Learn more about the Living Proof Project: Website Hosting Service

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