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Rik Clay was RIGHT.. Before His Unexpected Death He Revealed Everything About the 2012 Olympics to be Held in London.. for More In-depth Info See [My Favourites & Click – Decoding Zion 2012 Olympics].. Remember Prepare DONT Panic.. Ask for Help from Above to the Angels & the Lord Our Father for Protection & Forgiveness.. I Urge Anyone that Wants More Info to Go too [My Other Channels Section] ..Go & See Jonathan Kleck’s Amazing Work On His Channel as Well as Migfoxbat.Work On His Channel too.. Such Great Insight into the Coming Times Ahead.. LET GO OF FEAR.. & EMBRACE LOVE & PEACE ALWAYS!!

This film clip starts with the KGB “The sword and the shield” emblem. From the first contact in 1942, a series of diplomatic visits to discuss matters of mutual concern were planned. Under the treaty 23/04, these meetings would take place in secrecy, a limited number of special agents would escort visitors and they would only meet high ranking officers. According to the document 072 / E, at the meeting of 1961 there was an incident involving 3 subjects due to the violation of the agreement by the officers at the military base when they discovered that their arrival was been filmed with a hidden device without their consent. Under the treaty 23/04, the meetings would be confidential and filming or taking photographs would not be allowed. After the incident, the treaty was revised. …

This is an important update to my new ET contact experience last week. It would appear that my neighbour witnessed some of the event and saw a ‘craft’ nearby to my house after it returned me and also supports my report of the power-outage in our street and the alarm activation of the houses and the cars. What is it it she saw? Make up your own minds and let me know.

If you were an ET, and you decided mankind was ready for contact, and assuming you were going to use physical and not means that manifests communication means beyond what all of humanity uses ( manifesting individual holographic projections to each person on earth and no telepathy), how would you do it?

I would tap into the internet through more advanced technology and create a "pirate" site that had an obvious source emanating from outer space and couldn’t be removed. On that site, I’d give a message to mankind and allow people to ask questions and respond, through a message board.
By the way, I believe that would create less fear than landing ships here. If people wanted validation, I’d tell them to point a telescope towards the sky to certain coordinates where I’d have a probe giving off a signal.

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