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Hi! I’d like to have an understandable answer as to what is being done to protect Purple Fringeless Orchids in Pennsylvania. Thanks!

I was given the job to decorate 5 orchids (not just stems, roots intact) for our office, and would like to know if anyone has any websites or books I can look for that can give me tips on different sorts of things/ways to decorate them.

I want to use a food dehydrator for my gum paste orchids. What temp should I set it to?

I knwo nothing about gardening and these are my mother’s favorite plants. She has a great garden and I’d like to ger her a bunch of orchids for mother’s day. Will they come back every year? Will they survive an outdoor summer in maine?

Is it wise to use orchids as wedding flowers? I like orchids but i’m concerned with the costs involved if i decide to use orchids as my wedding flower.

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    My orchids keep dying, and I want to know what I can do to keep them alive and blooming.

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      I bought two orchids and I keep them pretty moist…. now I’ve noticed that some of the leaves are turning yellow and making shrivels.
      What am I doing wrong?
      I did not rate your answer – I don’t rate when I ask – I just choose the best answer!

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        we’re wearing hotpink..

        what color orchids and/or roses for the boutonniere would be nice?

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          I am very interested in orchids but it seems like you would need a greenhouse to grow them.Can i keep orchids indoors?

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            I know some orchids, such as phragmipediums, like to grow in a small amount of clean, standing water. Others, like Paphiopedilums, don’t.

            What about vandas?

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