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Keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s hot on the web these days is getting harder and harder. That’s where Jon Steinberg’s BuzzFeed comes in handy, acting as a news aggregator for all aspects of news on the web. Mark and Jon sit and discuss exactly where the world of social media and the world on news meet in today’s standards. For more episodes and a full schedule, visit

Bitsy’s Quick Tips. Make your credit cards work for you! Pay off your balance every month, and do some research on rewards programs – you might just be able to get something back for using your credit cards! Check out to compare and contrast different What’s YOUR favorite credit card rewards program? Check out our site and subscribe to our channel! Facebook Twitter:

Credit Card Debt is the most profitable commodity in the world. There are over three hundred million credit cards with an average limit of 00 collecting 70% to 85% interest monthly. Credit Card Debt is the catalyst that is producing the economic struggle in America today. Credit Card companies have issued more credit than the average consumer can handle.

Nick writes, “The world is evil. That’s why you use credit cards.”

If you carry a balance on one or more credit cards, you’re not alone: according to the Federal Reserve, nearly half of American families do. And nearly half of American families also have some sort of bank savings accounts. If you have savings, should you use that money to pay off your credit cards?

The Obama administration is spending big in an effort to bring the global market for lithium batteries for electric cars back to America. Cynthia Bowers reports on a risky investment that’s creating new jobs.

Donate today to support this juicy webTV. Thank you! – From Dr PIllai’s website: Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an international teacher, spiritual leader, humanitarian and scholar-mystic from Southern India. Through his educational and humanitarian initiatives, Dr. Pillai’s mission is to alleviate human pain and suffering in all forms. Support the Juicy living Tour and donate today! The tour needs your support !!

march 13 2010 caribbean cruise

Canada’s new 0 bill – made of plastic polymer – is the latest move to prevent counterfeiting.

The video series THE FUNNY TRUTH ABOUT CREDIT by Experian educates consumers about credit, starring well-known celebrities in hilarious real-life situations. In this episode, web comedians Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld argue about if closing credit card accounts can hurt your credit score. Maribel Aber, a financial expert who is getting coffee at the same shop as Jake and Amir, lends her knowledge to settle the debate. Visit

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