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New Disclosure Petition II Coast to Coast AM Radio George Noory with guest Stephen Basset UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett talked about a new petition he is spearheading, which is posted on the White House/We the People website. In response to a previous petition, the Obama administration declared that the US govt. has no knowledge of ET contact, so the new petition asks for information related to the Rockefeller Initiative which was said to investigate the ET question during the Clinton administration. Bassett noted that the new petition needs to get 25000 signatures in order to receive a response from the government.

Learn how to make mini purse favor bags in Marie Antoinette Style for the holidays with Kitty Kellie. These make perfect wedding favors too!

Tech@State: Real-Time Awareness Highlights

Mediaworkz creates world class websites and online shops through their Alice in Webland. and their Premium Online shopping experience.. The Apple Cart. One of their website design features, is ‘Talk to You’, whereby retailers can connect with customers whilst they browse their website, giving a personal touch to the online shopping experience. Customers are spending more than ever online, buying products from all over the world. This is having a major effect on traditional retailers as the customers ‘weekly spend’ diminishes as customers go online. Mediaworkz offers retailers world class websites that also combine with shopping carts to form Webstores, that are easy to use, both for the Admin and the customer. The shopping cart has the ability to deliver to multiple platforms such as PC, laptops, iPads and mobile phones.. all from a single site, as well as manage a Facebook store. More information can be found at their website Online Shopping at and The Apple Cart at http

Part 2 of How to Fly Model Airplanes

This video was excerpted from the NexTargeting Summit 2011 presentation, “Brad Terrell & Leon Zemel: Marketing in Real Time: The Technology & Data Imperative”: Brad Terrell’s slides: Leon Zemel’s slides: Starpower Home Theater’s Daniel Pidgeon talks about the LED Television Technology and the best television selection for your home. This video provides a guide to determining how large of a tv you should buy, as well as the differences between LED Television and LCD.

Brendon Ogilvy of Effective Measure ( and Alexander McNabb of Spot On Public Relations (http review Middle East social media, Internet advertising and insights from the August-September 2010 Media Consumption & Habits of Middle East & North Africa Internet Users Survey, which focuses on online shopping. Download the full report as a PDF from the Spot On PR blog: Join our mailing list to receive future reports:

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credits to: Un-Released Eisenhower Briefing on ET Contact http Latest ExoPolitics News: Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft : Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance 01. UFO Coverup Documentary “Out Of The Blue” by James Fox* 02. HARD EVIDENCE … 3 Top UFO Documentaries 31 Dec 2006 (uploaded by John Kuhles) 03. The Greatest Story ever Denied Ufo Docu by Jose Escamilla* 04. “I know what i saw” Second UFO Docu by James Fox* 05. UFO The Secret NASA Transmissions The Smoking Gun, by Graham Birdsall*: 06. Evidence: The Case For NASA UFO’s – Part 2 by David Sereda: 07. UFO Documentary Multiple Police Reporting UFOs 5 January 2000 Illinois USA: (uploaded by John Kuhles) 08. Russian UFO Docu May 2006 Secrets of the Third Reich II Nazi Bases in Antarctica: 09. DeepSea UFOs USOs HistoryChannel Docu Unidentified Submerged Objects: 10. “”Fastwalkers: UFO & Alien Disclosure” by Bruce Jessup* & Robert D. Miles* 11. UFOs The Hard Evidence Volume1 Part 1 UFO Docu by Graham Birdsall* 12. “Riddle of the Skies” Brilliant British UFO Documentary: ao with MOD Nick Pope* 13. Danny Dyer UFO eXperience ECETI Celebs4Truth on UFOs James Gilliand* 14. 14. UFO DISCLOSURE PROJECT military, pilots, air-traffic controllers

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