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My sister’s 3 year old 40 inch LCD had the classic blinking red led non start/turn on problem. The blinking sequence is a diagnostic tool if you know how to interpret it. We called the manufacturer and they covered the repair on this particular model even though it is three years old. Copy down the full model number(including suffixes), version number if any, and the serial number and see what the manufacturer says about the coverage. In our case, they offered a one time capacitor replacement for no charge. If your tv manufacturer does not cover the repair, it is not completely hopeless. The capacitor repair should not be too expensive or difficult. If you are QUALIFIED, you can replace the caps yourself for a few dollars. Make sure you disconnect the tv, discharge the capacitors or wait a few hours for the caps to discharge before making the repair. Basically, you just unsolder the bad capacitors and solder the good ones back in. There are many videos on soldering on youtube. I guess the point of my video is, why fix it yourself when you don’t have to. This is a known issue and the manufacturer will most likely cover it. Just google bad capacitors and LCD tv and you’ll find tons of info. All televisions have high voltages and can kill you. The bad capacitors in question are on the power supply board so be extra careful TV repair is not child’s play. Treat it with respect and be cautious. For plasma TV Y board repair check out my other video on this channel. Good luck.

9.5″ LCD TV CCFL Replacement. READ THIS INFO BELOW BEFORE RATING! This is in response to this post online This is a Vizio VA370M 37″ LCD TV that has a Red horizontal pixel line. Yours might be Blue or another color. This is my test of a popular “fix” online to tap the line up and down until the line goes away. Other people report tapping has fixed the line. In my case it did not work. READ THE COMMENTS ON THE VIDEO: There are a few really good suggestions and many people have commented that user comments helped them fix their own issues! I simply returned the TV.

Hey guys, yeah…I still don’t have BF3. *scratches head awkwardly* This is a 32″ HD LCD TV made by TOSHIBA. It cost about 260 dollars from I don’t know the exact model number. So please don’t ask. Overall, the tv is pretty decent for the price. The only complaint i have with it is the sound. The sound isn’t very loud; even though I cranked it up to a 100%. As for the picture quality, it’s great! All you need is a high resolution output. Otherwise the picture will look all blurry. P*rno anyone? Just kidding :3

At an unheard-of 70-inches the Sharp LC-70LE732 offers the biggest viewing experience out there. It delivers a Full HD 1080p resolution paired with a 120Hz frame refresh rate for sharp detail and smooth motion. It’s equipped with Sharp’s quad pixel technology for more vivid yellow hues. And it comes complete with just about every connectivity option you can think of. Learn more at

Great modern art or crazy acid trip rave party thingo! Digital board number ( main number) is BN94-013268

Chrysler upgrades: *HIDs 9006 set .00 * Prestige APS997 Remote Starter 0.00 installed. * Power Acoustik PTID-7002NR Head unit 0.00 * *Pro Audio 1.5″ Tweeter .00 * Planet Audio1″ silk dome tweeters .00 * Front Speakers Kicker KS650 6.5″ .00 * Rear Speakers Kicker 6X9 DS690 .00 * Tview 10.2″ LCD Visor TVs 0.00 * Tview 7″ Headrest LCD TVs 0.00 * Tview 24″ LCD Drop Down TVs 0.00 * Custom Mounted 32″ LCD TV rear windshield $ its up there LOL * 120 volt inverter * PS3 * Power Acoustik Amps BAMF 2000.1 Mono Block Class D 0.00 *BAMF 1200.4 4 Channel 0.00 * 2nd Optima Blue top deep cycle battery and Optima Red Top starting battery * Lighting Audio capacitor 2 Farads .00 * (2) Kicker CVRs 10″ .50 ea. * Custom computer designed ported subwoofer box 0.00 * Bass Generator .00 * Siren .00 * Tview Rear view camera color with night vision .00 With anything electronic new models come out every year prices change as well call us for the best deals , and prices listed cover shipping in the USA. All Jobs are measured and tested with FLUKE tools ! See my Facebook alot of pics Join us. Thank you . Hector’s Car Audio Tint & Alarms 1391 W. Hwy 77 San Benito , Tx 78586 (956) 399 – 8476 Call us ask for Hector

Welcome to a video demonstration of the new Quattron™ model, the LE920 series of AQUOS® TVs from Sharp. The AQUOS® LE920 Series LED LCD TVs offer superior image quality, connectivity, cutting-edge technology and performance providing customers with vivid images, WiFi, streaming video service, USB media player, web content on their TVs and more!

Welcome to a video demonstration of the 2D/3D Mode feature available on the AQUOS Quattron 3D LED LCD TV, the LE925 Series.

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Welcome to a video demonstration of the new Sharp AQUOS Quattron 3D LE925 Series – our first 3D TVs for the US market. Sharp’s breakthrough Quattron™ quad pixel technology, as well as additional proprietary technologies deliver amazing picture quality, sound, and connectivity — whether you’re watching in 2D or 3D.

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