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One works, the other doesn’t. Both have bad capacitors. Curiously, the Aopen motherboard uses Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors at every location where one is needed…everywhere except those three locations, where no-name caps are used. The Samsung LCD panel was dead to the world and only hissed when plugged in. Switchmode power supplies tend to make noises at times, particularly when they’re having trouble staying in regulation. At that point, the switching frequency may drop into the range of our hearing. Turns out it was more bad caps. Some repair shops told the previous owner that it wasn’t worth fixing. I told them it was, and that I surely could. They told me to haul it away anyway.

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In this cooking video, I detail how to make one of my staples of the diet — low carb fried chicken. You don’t have to give up the joy of fried chicken, and contrary to low fat diets, you can eat the skin too! I have fried chicken at least once a week almost. Chicken has a great amount of protein as well as delicious fat in the skin. I display 2 of the 3 methods that are among the acceptable coatings for chicken or chicken-fried foods (like Country Fried Steaks): * Parmesan Cheese – Induction friendly * Carbquik breading — I typically buy mine from Netrition or Amazon. * Crushed Pork Rinds. ** not shown Just run the pork rinds through a food processor to crush the rinds into smaller pieces. You would be surprised by how tasty this is, and how little pork rinds flavor there is remaining. I had intended to show this method as well, but Wal-mart wasn’t selling them anymore. Here is the recipe for the breading: * 1 cup of Carbquik flour * 2 TBS Paprika * 1 TBS Black Pepper * Dashes of Cayenne Pepper, Chili Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Poultry Seasoning Thanks for watching my videos and subscribing for those that have. You guys are the best to keep me motivated.

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Merry Trailer Park Christmas! Make a great gift using Gerbil and Hamster Shavings! Did you know you can make your own Fancy Potpourri? A gift that you make yourself is the best! My Gerbil Bedding Potpourri is so easy to make, and uses left over animal bedding! Everyone is running around trying to find these Robotic Zhu Zhu Pets… When I was growing up, we had to get a REAL mouse or a REAL hamster! They usually croaked, and you’d be left with a playset, things that hang on the cage, and tons of Animal Bedding. If you had to spring for a real mouse because you couldn’t find the robot one, and it’s already croaked.. Why not use up the leftovers? Use up those Cedar or Pine Shavings in this simple gift! Jolene will even show you how to Re-Gift those body sprays that you might not “want” that you get at the Holidays. Shhh! It’s a secret, and no one will no you did it! You can really make this your own, Add Pinecones, feathers, seashells, special stones! Use a fancy basket or glass container, and your on your way to a great smelling holiday gift! Oil from the Dollar store comes in so many great scents that store bought potpourri doesn’t! Make Bubble Gum Scented! How about your favorite “Knock Off” Perfume? The possibilities are endless! This would look so lovely in your bedroom, your washroom or even Kitchen! Be sure to subscribe, I’ve got more Trailer Park Cooking Shows soon!!! Happy Holidays! Love, Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen http www

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