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I was given the job to decorate 5 orchids (not just stems, roots intact) for our office, and would like to know if anyone has any websites or books I can look for that can give me tips on different sorts of things/ways to decorate them.

My younger brother wants to apply for the job but we can’t find any posted earnings or wages so that he can determine if it will be worth it. We know they give you a company truck to drive and gas but that’s about all we know. Oh and it will be local parts delivery to local auto shops.

I live in Burbank Ca, & I own a domain name for my comedy group. 1)What should I expect to pay to have a simple website built and hosted. 2)Do you have to pay a monthly fee to host a website? 3)Can anyone local recommend someone for the job?

I’ve had t-shirt’s made with the website on it so I kinda need to get one up.

Thanks for your help!

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      A week ago I had my new glasses done, suffered terrible headache for a week not knowing why. I decided to have other opticians to look at my new glasses, following my gutt feeling something was wrong. I was told that lenses were drilled crooked and overall job was horrendous. They could not want to understand how someone would let me actually to walked out off the store with glasses looking like that. I would like to know how negligence the optician who’s done them was, puting my eyesite and my overall health in jeopardy?

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      does anyone work there who know about how long napa auto parts takes?? also what do you think of the job? i personally hate it

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      is this a sign of Americas inspection process at its best?3.3 million pounds of beef,,,how can this happen?
      If our F.D.A food inspectors would have done their jobs,,,the beef would have never got to the consumer,,,the system has failed,,its been that way for sometime,,what does it mean?
      what the heck do you mean you can not inspeck quality into a beef product,,lol,,,just F,D,A needs to insure public safty ,,thats their job,,,don,t any of you understand that? FOOD SAFTY,,,,thats all,,,THEY FAILED,,,
      oh I see now,,the republicans wanted to pocket more free market at the CONSUMERS EXSPENCE,,,its been a real learning find today,,,Juses H christ,,,by

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      I just got a job at abercrombie and they said skating shoes are inappropriate… What shoes are allowed?

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      I had someone offer me a job to install an online shopping cart (I have previous experience with OSCommerce) as well as modify the template/theme to resemble their main site. They also want me to post pics, details, and prices for about 50 products. I don’t even know where to begin with how much I should charge… This could take anywhere from 10-20 hours

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