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Posts Tagged ‘galactic’ Greetings from the Federation: Today we speak of a quickening which is occurring at every level of your reality. It is not a “quickening” of time as you may believe occurs. Sometimes, this is just the way of your perceptions, and not of the “reality” of time itself. Rather, we speak of a quickening of all that underlies the reality fabric of your world. Great noises are being heard in your skies. They are real, they are happening, and they are part of this quickening process. It is becoming abundantly clear to those in power that all they have seen in their time technologies is becoming a reality around them. These noises are another level of the advancements towards the process which will bring about the lasting changes you have been waiting for. But these changes will not come in great quantum leaps. They will be gradual, but undeniable. The quickening will also affect the way communication is achieved in your reality on every level. You will sense more and more and need less and less speech to convey meaning. Your technologies which assist you in communications are also undergoing changes of their own. Another “break through” technology will be announced shortly that will affect the way radio waves are communicated around the globe.

An absolute MUST WATCH!!! James Gilliland is the founder of Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (ECETI). ECETI has facilitated contact events for thousands of people from around the world at the ranch facility near Mt. Adams, Washington. James Gilliland describes seven steps to positive ET contact. A special Thank You to Jon Kelly for his amazing article! Link to the original article by Jon Kelly – Jon Kelly website – ECETI – List of UFO organizations –

Contact Has Begun is an 86 minute documentary exploring near death experiences, UFOs, ORBs, global changes, and extra terrestrial encounters. With live UFO footage and first hand accounts of other-world encounters, this film is among the first to explore questions such as where did they come from? And why are they here? Contact Has Begun is filmed at Gillilands ranch in Trout Lake, Washington which serves as the primary location for Gillilands ET encounters. The movie delves into Gillilands life story, his own near death experience, his personal encounters with other worldly beings, and also includes interviews with physicists and other experts who have visited the ranch and share their perceptions of these phenomena.

In this excerpt, Adronis speaks on arrangements you can consider to establish a personal extraterrestrial contact. Farzad Ghaffari Private Session With Adronis 01-06-2012 Brad Johnson Channeling Adronis Star System Sirius Brad Johnson Adronis Youtube Channels http Bashar Website: Bashar / Darryl Anka Channel Lets Unite As One Galactic Family (¯`*•.¸,¤°´`°¤,¸.•*´¯) PeAcE- LOVE •´¯`•.? •´¯`•.¸¸.•??? ???????? •.¸¸.•´¯`•.? .•´¯`•.¸¸.• HeALiNg ????????? •.¸¸.•´¯`•.? BlEsSiNgS ????????? ??•.¸¸HeavenOn Planet Earth ??????????????? ….*´¨?? LiGhT??? ? ? ? ?? GoOdWiLl To YoU?((?_*_?))?? _

Fly high in 2012 with the Ashtar Command! This video has been infused with powerful Lightwave energy to enhance your connection to Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar command. Lord Ashtar assists us in embodying ascension, love, clarity, illumination, unity, brotherhood and peace. Please visit

FOR BEST QUALITY WATCH IN HD 1080P! Are You Ready For An ET First Contact Event? If so, please sign our petition at: We are at a critical time in earths history. It is time for the world and humanity to start understanding who and what we truly are. It is time to unite in love, peace, and joy. It is time to educate humanity about the ET First Contact event. For those that support us and want to learn more, visit us at: The animation was created by DaveandNic4eva.

Bill Ryan from Project Camelot opening the Zurich conference july 12-2009.this is an extract from his video presentation, in this video he is reminded by david wilcock to talk about something likely to happen on november 27th of 2009.according to pete peterson i think he’s a whistleblower, the television time has already been book for US president obama to announce to the world the contact with 6 different friendly ET races,in the second part he talks about an abductee he had the opportunity to talk to, who said had a very powerful revelation about ET contact, that probably may happen on november 21st or 22nd of 2009.Let’s hope,manifest and intent that our galactic family finally reveal themselves to humanity..!

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