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This animated education video explains what GUNNAR glasses are and why people should be using them.

Floaters are clumps of cells, protein and debris within the vitreous gel inside your eye. Dr. Alan Wagner of the American Academy of Ophthalmology explains how they affect vision, and when they may be a sign of a more serious condition. Learn about eye conditions and eye health topics at

This show sheds light on the urgent need to create health awareness with special focus on disease prevention and management by rational use of ALA based Omega-3 which has been restricted to the zone of non-veg food items but now its available in vegetarian form. This show not only highlights the good news for veggies but also explains the meticulous effect of this fatty acid on different body organs with the help of experts. Subscribe to get daily updates on useful tips and tricks at

Leonard Crow Dog is a (Rosebud) Sicangu Lakota medicine man and spiritual leader. He became famous during the AIM takeover of Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota in 1973. He strongly believes all people and Nations will live again in peace and spirit. The Round rock (at: 2:09 in video) in front of him is thousands of years old and has the message from the creator. He speaks of sacred way of life and our children. He believes that we all know bits of the truth. He speaks a little about Cristianity and he believes some but he has doubts that all of it is the truth, especially about death. Leonard’s parents knew he would be a medicine man so they kept him out of school and the left brain thinking and training, therefore he does not know how to read and write English. Good Lance, another Crow Dog, began teaching him the ways of a medicine man from an early age. At the age seven Crow Dog was initiated by four medicine men. He did his first hanbleceya (vision quest) at the age of 13. The takeover of Wounded Knee had special meaning for Crow Dog because his great-grandfather, Jerome Crow Dog, had been a ghost dancer and saved several dancers from the massacre at Wounded Knee after receiving a vision. Shortly after Wounded Knee, the federal government began prosecuting AIM leaders for various charges. In September of 1975, 185 FBI officers, federal marshals, and SWAT teams showed up at Crow Dog’s Paradise looking for Leonard Peltier and took Crow Dog

Eyes are one of the most fragile organs in the body, and we need to provide them with nutrients to maintain good health and prevent age-related eye diseases.

My October Luxe Box: Lise Watier – Flash Lift Radiance Vials Moroccan Oil Pur Minerals Neutral Foundation Primer Olay Professional Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex Calvin Klein Euphoria Lotion and Fragrance This is a subscription service from Loose Button and every month you get 3-5 deluxe samples. Take look at their website if you want to get your own luxe box – Follow me on Twitter: Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel too! It would make my day – All opinions are my own and I purchased this box myself.

Recipes, interesting people, and more at

Healthy Living Eye health never looked so good. Next time you eat fruits and vegetables go for a mix of colorful produce like carrots, tomatoes and leaf greens.

TriVita Chief Science Officer Brazos Minshew talks with Max Phillips about ways to protect against eye problems and how to address them when we have them. Learn about the practical tips that we can use to help protect our vision. Curtis Maxwell Phillips, Jr., LDO is certified by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) and the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE). He is an optician for Absolute Eyecare & Optical in Knoxville, Tennessee and plans to further study and do clinical work in Arizona.

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