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Hey Everyone.. I am starting my own business in wedding/ event coordinating and I wanted to know if anyone knows a free, webhost, that allows you to design your own website and have a domain name.. Let me know. Or any tips on how to get started =D

I live in Burbank Ca, & I own a domain name for my comedy group. 1)What should I expect to pay to have a simple website built and hosted. 2)Do you have to pay a monthly fee to host a website? 3)Can anyone local recommend someone for the job?

I’ve had t-shirt’s made with the website on it so I kinda need to get one up.

Thanks for your help!

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    I want to create a portfolio slash small business website; for posting my work and also offering my services for web design, graphic design, etc!

    What hosting site should I use and who’s the best domain name seller?

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    I have recently been asked to make a few websites for some friends, making and charging for the website is fine, however obviously they want a domain name and web hosting aswell.
    I am going to be doing both of these through, and for these you have to pay either yearly or monthly prices.
    So the question is, how do I charge for this?
    do i ask for their credit card details and use them for both? or do i ask for a monthly price off of them? or what?

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    I’ve had a domain name for quite a while, and right now I’m using google sites to host my website, which is a free service. Right now I’m a computer science major, and I’d like to put some web programming to some use. google sites does not allow script on their pages, so I’m wondering if there are any free decent web hosting companies in which I can create whole sites through html/javascript/… so on? If not, any really cheap ones?

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    I was just wondering if it was possible to use a domain name that I may have (need to find out if I still have it.) for a website, of which I was thinking about using GoDaddy to make and host it (Ive heard good things about them, if you have heard otherwie, please post it!).

    Thanks and have a nice day!

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    I find it annoying that I need help from hosting websites like go daddy or yahoo to publish my website. Do I need web hosting even if I have my own server?
    So how do I register a domain name? Does dreamweaver have that feature? Is there anything else I need besides dreamweaver and a server for a completely independent website?

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    I already own a domain name, and I am looking for a good place to host the actual website for my personal usage.

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    I already own a domain name, and I am looking for a good place to host the actual website without paying anything for it.

    Also I’m looking for people to recommend websites based on personal experience, not just googleing "free web hosting"


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