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Replacing the Motherboard of an HP dv9000 Laptop. Wyatt Computer Services has been doing free estimates in Oxford, Pennsylvania since 2000. If you are having problems with your laptop please give us a call at 610-932-6320 or stop by our shop at 2222 Baltimore Pike Oxford, PA 19363 – In this episode, Paul joins us from his car on his commute to work because his family is in town, and he didn’t have time to set up the green screen! Paul gives us his 10 new years resolutions which includes both regular ones, and of course IT related ones.

One works, the other doesn’t. Both have bad capacitors. Curiously, the Aopen motherboard uses Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors at every location where one is needed…everywhere except those three locations, where no-name caps are used. The Samsung LCD panel was dead to the world and only hissed when plugged in. Switchmode power supplies tend to make noises at times, particularly when they’re having trouble staying in regulation. At that point, the switching frequency may drop into the range of our hearing. Turns out it was more bad caps. Some repair shops told the previous owner that it wasn’t worth fixing. I told them it was, and that I surely could. They told me to haul it away anyway.

Let me know if you guys like these types of videos. I dunno really don’t know what else to fill this channel up with! Here is the Extra 10% off coupon I found: 500101852 Whoops I did end up getting free shipping!

How to fix your motherboard 🙂

LCD computer video display monitor screens and LCD tv displays scratch easily because the are made of soft plastic. I accidentally scratched a 9 inch diagonal gouge in my 19″ Samsung monitor, and happened on a free and easy way to reduce or remove the scratches with cardboard. The screen had a very visible dark gouge from top right to lower left that is now invisible. * Disclaimer: The above procedure has only been tested on one model Samsung LCD monitor, and has not been tested on any LCD TV displays. It may or may not work on your LCD screen. Following the procedures does not constitute a guarantee of repair. We assume no responsibility for direct, indirect, consequential or inconsequential damages incurred as a result of following the above LCD monitor screen repair procedures. Copyright © 2011 By Software Exchange LLC and Cyber News & Reviews

Please subscribe to my videos. This is a short video of my new Sony 55 inch LED TV. My opinion is that is is a fantastic TV, and i have had it now since Christmas ( now April ) and it has worked perfectly. Even when i watch Netflix, which is not HI-DEF , the picture is almost as good as HI – DEF . We watch a lot of youtube videos on it, and the picture is perfect.,

When buying a motherboard, check the hard drive and RAM compatibility of the computer for optimal use. Buy a motherboard withtips from a computer specialist in this free video on computers. Expert: James MacGregor Contact: Bio: James MacGregor is the training coordinator at InterConnection based out of Seattle, WA. He has been in the computer industry for six years. Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

This video shows you the step by step process of replacing a fried motherboard. In it you will see how to remove RAM, the heatsink & fan, and the CPU. It will also show you how to put it all back together again including applying thermal paste. Music courtesy of

Computer Doctor BG Specialize in Motherboard Repair of all brands and models laptops netbooks … Acer, Apple, Asus, Averatec, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Compaq, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo , LG, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba Common motherboard issues: Blue light no picture on LCD or external Monitor Machine turns on and Off by itself The laptop has no power and no active LEDs. The battery charge indicator light does not turn on when the battery is installed and the AC adapter is connected. The notebook issues a single beep during boot indicating no power. The external monitor functions but there is no image on the notebook LCD panel. Computer won’t Boot, but all the lights and fans come on. Distorted Video or Lines on the screen (internal and external) Blue screen of death The laptop is stuck in a loop (Keeps rebooting) laptop has beep beep sound when turn on laptop runing too hot ,shut off by itself Keyboard, USB, WIFI- not working LCD turns white LCD REMAINS BLACK LCD -SHOWS LINES GETS DISTORTED AFTER WARMING UP The repair service we offer is not only cheaper than replacing the motherboard, in fact it is more effective than replacing the motherboard with a brand new one.We offer a solution to this flaw by modifying the motherboard and heat sink in a way that prevents this problem from ever happening again. 90 Days Warranty NO-Fix No-Pay Risk Free 702-481-3738

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