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ALIEN CODE – HITLER UFO – WW2 TOP SECRET (HAUNEBU) 1937 – 1944 – Germany – Adolf Hitler Illuminati Project- ( 1946 USARMY X-FILES) -Schutzstaffel Original Sound Record* (WW2 HAUNEBU) SS Germany Film -* Major Luke Starck docs.


READ BEFORE LEAVING A COMMENT : The “Cabal”,Elite,Illuminati has fallen, and will fully within a short periode of time be with no power. This is all happining behind the scenes, without you knowing it, or maybe you know. The shift in consciousness is very real, many can’t feel it, see it,while others can feel the changes and has for some time. Many are focusing on the fearful scenario’s of “our” future. Whatever reality you allow yourself to focus which is negative will not happen. Not as of after 11.11.11. Some people might feel the need to bash the uploader for this video. If so, ask yourself why you do it. Who wants corruption,hate,war? No one. Well, NOT the people. Alot of alienpropaganda has been spread in the hollywood industry and more. Yes, also many negative E.T’s, such as the greys,draconians, reptilians have also been in control for thousands of years over humanity. Boosting us with fear,doubt etc. Feeding themselves with our negative emotions like drugaddicts. These have been taken care of. I know many will find it hard to believe that there actually is good ET’s out there. I know. The doubt,mistrust and so on. All the good guys have ufo’s that are only of the light. Lightships. Yes, project bluebeam is real as well, but these only project ufo’s that look metallic, so are a few of the bad ET’s ships,and many are ufo’s made by various governments, technology they all got their hands on in the 1940’s. Like USA,RUSSIA and CHINA. Yes, they, the good beings from

PSN DOWN: Platstation Network down! This video is important! Questions regarding the recent Playstation Network hacking are answered through out this video. The Playstation Network has been down for a week and could be down for another week. Credit Card details are at risk along with other personal information! If you have any friends with a PSN account then I advise you show them this video. Please ‘Like’ this video and ‘Save to’ then ‘Favorites’ to help spread this information to other users. Direct information: Important links: Thank you, do ‘Subscribe’ if you wish to be kept up to date with the most recent PSN hacking information! (:

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