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It is important for each and every believer to have full FAITH and confidence in the Lord whos Word stands forever as does His promise and POWER. This series covers such things as mass deceptions, lies, and the spiritual forces that work against us in these times. But in Christ, the ultimate force and absolute Truth from God Almighty can and WILL withstand all that opposes God and every kneel shall BOW to the Lord.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas from Hillsong! This music video is of “Born Is The King” from the Christmas EP released November 2011. Available from, iTunes or check out http Check out the ‘Making Of: Born Is The King’ blog on Hillsong Collected:

Rik Clay was RIGHT.. Before His Unexpected Death He Revealed Everything About the 2012 Olympics to be Held in London.. for More In-depth Info See [My Favourites & Click – Decoding Zion 2012 Olympics].. Remember Prepare DONT Panic.. Ask for Help from Above to the Angels & the Lord Our Father for Protection & Forgiveness.. I Urge Anyone that Wants More Info to Go too [My Other Channels Section] ..Go & See Jonathan Kleck’s Amazing Work On His Channel as Well as Migfoxbat.Work On His Channel too.. Such Great Insight into the Coming Times Ahead.. LET GO OF FEAR.. & EMBRACE LOVE & PEACE ALWAYS!!

Christ: The Spiritual Message for the Next Millennium is a documentary of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus has been a role model for countless people all over the world. The documentary shows how his teachings as a practitioner of nonviolence fit in our modern times. A new Christmas song set in Victorian England. Please share this video with your friends and help us make the Christmas charts by downloading the song from iTunes or Amazon in December 2011. This Victorian-themed Christmas song and video was produced without record company backing. After trying to gain record company support, British composer, Leigh Haggerwood, decided to make it happen himself so he gathered together his musician friends and wrote, produced and sung this Christmas songs himself. The video features the skills of top director Nick Bartleet and Cinematographer John Perez (known for his work on Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, Beyoncé and many other productions). You can help spread some Christmas magic so please visit our website and join us on Facebook. Thanks for your support and best wishes for Christmas 2011! My Favourite Time of Year Words & music by Leigh Haggerwood Verse 1 Lanterns lighting up the town, Peace on earth is all around, Everything is calm on Christmas Eve. There’s goodwill in the air tonight, Angels sing by candle light, Their voices carried on the wind. When carol singers gather round, When I hear that festive sound, I wanna join with them and sing! Chorus They sing a merry song and we all sing along, A festive melody that tells us Christmas time is here. See the stars tonight; they’re shining bright, ‘Cause it’s Christmas time and it’s my favourite time of year. Verse 2 Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Give me

“Healing Waters” and “Heaven Will Be Near Me” by Christian singer/composer Michelle Tumes; yup, it’s 2 in 1 I’ve built a bridge All of my strength cannot cross over I stand at the edge The end of a road that I have followed Sinking from the weight of my own world Wanting the waves of Your ways to wash my feet Healing waters Healing waters Solace flows Through the river of forgiveness to my soul Oh, I need You Healing waters Pour over me Water to clean all my intentions Baptising streams I swim in the freedom of redemption Floating on the sea of purity Knowing I can dive in the love that rescues me Memories are raging high Floods so deep they touch the sky All the things I’ve done to You All the parts of life untrue Healing comes from outstretched hands Saving me from what I am Carry me Carry me

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By terry donnelly MIRACLE photographs i took while staying in medjugorje,some that i just cannot explain!i felt an amazing sense of peace,love and much more feelings i just cant explain,would advise anyone to go as i cannot wait to my return!would like to thank raggie donnellys team and the people i met during my stay,lovely people and hope to see you’s all again! hope use enjoy my photos God bless take care.. i must add a few days after my return home my father has been cured from cancer…..

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