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Wedding Ideas by Creative Packaging

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Take the introductory course on planning your wedding favors.

This video is for GABEANDJESSS aka Jessica. This is a video response Sorry for saying Jesssandgabe instead of gabeandjesss! The idea for Candystripe Favours (favors) and candy wedding favors came from my natural passion and talent for creating all things sweet and beautiful. For many years I have provided delectable celebration cakes and sweet treats for family and friends’ weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, mother’s days and Easter. In the summer of 2011 my sister-in-law married and I was keen to provide something lovely for her special day. We eventually decided on some home-made favours as we wanted to treat her guests to a truly special and scrumptious ‘thank you’ treat. After much experimentation with recipes and packaging that would befit an extravagant and stunning setting in the Lake District, we had found our three homemade chocolates. The three chocolates were to represent past, present and future happiness for the bride and groom. One of the chocolate pieces was to be a smooth and rich chocolate fudge, which I discovered to be a satisfying and decadent sweet which I enjoyed making. Of course, my fudge experimentation didn’t stop there! I constantly try out new recipes, adapt them to create an intensely creamy texture and add them to my repertoire. You will find some of these varieties in the Candystripe Fudge Favours collection. All of the Candystripe range is taste tested by a large and varied panel from young to old, to find a recipe which will suit the pallettes of many of your guests and loved ones. Expanding the Candystripe range to, http www.http personalized invitations and gifts Follow us on Face Book We have created this video so you can enjoy an over view of some of the top wedding and bridal shower favors we have to offer. These are all new designs that came out at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. As you get ready for your special day you can relax to the music and see our favors that will match any theme. Some Themes we incorporate our favors to range from Cinderella, Las Vegas wedding, cheap and affordable, beach and Cancun weddings. The Modern wedding , Asian wedding and best of all any of our favors can be personalized with a label or tag and some may also be engraved and or personalized. Tags: wedding favors, party favors, wedding cake toppers, bridal shower favors, wedding accessories, wedding unity sandy ceremony sets, unique favors, theme favors, funny cake toppers

To see more go to my blog What I used: 10 SILVER HEARTS, 10 CELLOPHANE WRAPS, 10 RIBBONS, 10 SILVER STEMS I used the following DIY kit available at:

Find Personalised Wedding Favours @ There are many unique kinds of personalised wedding favours. The initial thing you require to keep in mind is your budget. That, and how many guests will be at the marriage, is going to be the basis for all the other decisions that you make. Then you ought to take into account in the event you want edible personalised wedding favours, or in-edible personalised wedding ceremony favours. Some people prefer edible personalised wedding favours. One of the benefits of edible personalised wedding ceremony favours is that most folk will appreciate them. Most edible personalised marriage ceremony favours fall within the snack category. And who doesn’t like chocolate and candy? Find Personalised Wedding Favours @ http An additional benefit is cost. Incredibly nice snack and edible personalised wedding favours can be bought at a extremely low expense. And even at such a bargain price, these personalised wedding favours will still make all of your guests feel welcome at your marriage ceremony. Cheap Wedding Favors. Find cheap wedding favors under . Looking for inexpensive wedding favors? My Wedding Favors offers cheap wedding favors, so you don’t need to make your own wedding favors. Homemade wedding favors can look cheap. Not to mention time consuming….

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