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Rik Clay was RIGHT.. Before His Unexpected Death He Revealed Everything About the 2012 Olympics to be Held in London.. for More In-depth Info See [My Favourites & Click – Decoding Zion 2012 Olympics].. Remember Prepare DONT Panic.. Ask for Help from Above to the Angels & the Lord Our Father for Protection & Forgiveness.. I Urge Anyone that Wants More Info to Go too [My Other Channels Section] ..Go & See Jonathan Kleck’s Amazing Work On His Channel as Well as Migfoxbat.Work On His Channel too.. Such Great Insight into the Coming Times Ahead.. LET GO OF FEAR.. & EMBRACE LOVE & PEACE ALWAYS!! Hello Everyone! I began my new life in March of 2007. By August of 2007 I had lost 80 lbs, and after 4 years of trying with no success, I finally became pregnant, but unfortunately suffered a loss. I got right back on my regimen. And, by March 2008 I was down 102 lbs. By September of 2008 I had reached a total weight loss of 115 pounds when my husband and I found out we were pregnant again COMPLETELY naturally! Our little guy arrived on May 15, 2009! I am so emotional, fired up and passionate about what i did for myself. I decided i was FED UP with being overweight, tired, hairy, childless, bitter and utterly miserable! I want to share this with you all. I want you guys to feel how wonderful i feel now, about myself and my life and even my PCOS! If you’re ready to make the change. The change to happiness and hope, contact me. I am always more than happy to share with other women with this, and similar disorders b/ci truly want to bring everyone with PCOS to the same place of hope and acceptance that i was FINALLY able to achieve. You may have PCOS…but PCOS does NOT have you!!

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