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A Stanford University research team has designed a high-efficiency charging system that uses magnetic fields to wirelessly transmit large electric currents between metal coils placed several feet apart. The long-term goal of the research is to develop an all-electric highway that wirelessly charges cars and trucks as they cruise down the road. Related article: Stanford University: Stanford News: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

This video from BMW shows the construction of its radical i3 pure electric concept, due to go on sale in 2013. Visit for more info.

This video from BMW shows the exterior and interior views of the i8 plug-in hybrid electric sportscar concept, due for sale in 2014. Visit for more info.

This video from BMW shows the exterior and interior views of the i3 pure electric concept, due for sale in 2013. Visit for more info.

Is the amp output doubled when hooking to batteries up in series? I know the voltage is doubled, so I think the amps is also doubled.

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    I bought a HP laptop less than a year ago, now it says that i should consider replacing the battery.Smething is wrong with the batteries storage space also. When the laptop’s battery has run out n it shuts down usually it saves whatever u were doing and u can charge and restart the machine and everything is saved…..What can be the main reasons for this problem occurring?

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      Tells me right from the start to put new batteries in it. They work in other devices!

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        My brand new bluetooth mouse says that it has low battery. I tried replacing the batteries with brand new ones, but it still says it has low battery! What should I do? I had the same problem with my old bluetooth mouse! I have vista running on a HP Pavilion dv 2000. Any suggestions?

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          Aren’t there 2 types of self-discharge? One where the battery flattens by itself and needs to be recharged again and one where the battery loses its maximum capacity and will no longer hold the same amount of charge it used to?

          So what are the batteries with the most lowest SD rate? Please tell me the batteries with the lowest SD rate from the two types of SD above (permanent and temporary).


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            In nearly every battery operated device the instructions call for some batteries to be inserted positive side down, and the other half positive side up. Suddenly, after a lifetime of using batteries, I woke up wondering WHY?

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