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My sister’s 3 year old 40 inch LCD had the classic blinking red led non start/turn on problem. The blinking sequence is a diagnostic tool if you know how to interpret it. We called the manufacturer and they covered the repair on this particular model even though it is three years old. Copy down the full model number(including suffixes), version number if any, and the serial number and see what the manufacturer says about the coverage. In our case, they offered a one time capacitor replacement for no charge. If your tv manufacturer does not cover the repair, it is not completely hopeless. The capacitor repair should not be too expensive or difficult. If you are QUALIFIED, you can replace the caps yourself for a few dollars. Make sure you disconnect the tv, discharge the capacitors or wait a few hours for the caps to discharge before making the repair. Basically, you just unsolder the bad capacitors and solder the good ones back in. There are many videos on soldering on youtube. I guess the point of my video is, why fix it yourself when you don’t have to. This is a known issue and the manufacturer will most likely cover it. Just google bad capacitors and LCD tv and you’ll find tons of info. All televisions have high voltages and can kill you. The bad capacitors in question are on the power supply board so be extra careful TV repair is not child’s play. Treat it with respect and be cautious. For plasma TV Y board repair check out my other video on this channel. Good luck.

Dear Phone Manufacturers: Why It’s Never a Good Time to Buy (Rant) At the rate new phones come out, it seems like it’s never a good time to buy one. Not to get all curmudgeonly on smartphone manufacturers, but the rate at which “new” Android phones hit the market is getting ridiculous. There was a great Best Buy commercial early last year that perfectly captured my sentiment. Titled Outdated World, the ad shows how quickly electronics become old hat, and the reactions of people who are stuck with “old” technology. “I just bought this one,” a woman says in the ad. Continue reading: For more tech goodness, check us out at: Follow Us on Twitter Like Us on Facebook: Check Us Out on Google + Inside My Mind:

One works, the other doesn’t. Both have bad capacitors. Curiously, the Aopen motherboard uses Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors at every location where one is needed…everywhere except those three locations, where no-name caps are used. The Samsung LCD panel was dead to the world and only hissed when plugged in. Switchmode power supplies tend to make noises at times, particularly when they’re having trouble staying in regulation. At that point, the switching frequency may drop into the range of our hearing. Turns out it was more bad caps. Some repair shops told the previous owner that it wasn’t worth fixing. I told them it was, and that I surely could. They told me to haul it away anyway.

Please read entire note section below. It may be easy to fix a dead LCD TV if the problem is a bad capacitor. I am posting this because this is the second time this has happened to me over the last year; I had a new computer power supply with same issue (defective capacitor) just a few months before this TV also went out. Hopefully this will help someone else from having to buy a replacement TV as this really might not be a complicated problem to fix. The fix was total, including a new solder iron. If the HD TV will not power on, check for ruptured defective capacitors. “Capacitor Plague” is common in that millions of defective capacitors were manufactured in the mid 2000s. See for how to identify defective capacitors and history of this problem. This video shows replacement capacitors detail specific to a Philips Magnavox HDTV Model 32mf231d. Still picture has a much clearer picture of the original ruptured bad capacitors from the TV in the video before their replacement. Note the spots on the top of the capacitors of this still picture; this is the rupture indicator to look for. Remove the complete HDTV power supply, bad capacitors intact, and take to to local electronics supplier for purchase of replacement capacitors. Do not just remove the capacitors first; it is easier to take the whole power supply assembly off the TV and take it the electronic supplier to make sure you have the correct replacements. If you can take your time and

LCD TV wont turn on? Black Screen? EASY Capacitor Fix that wll save you 0 Fix and repair your LCD LED or Plasma TV with black screen problems. If youve got loud popping or crackling sounds, your TV has bad capacitors. Fix it here.

Fix & Repair broken tv. Is your LCD not turning on? Black Screen? Does it just blink? Don’t take it in to the repair shop and loss over 500 hundreds bucks. This solution does it for under 40 bucks… One Thing I forgot to mention is to make sure that you remember which side of the capacitor is the Negative Side. Theres a Positive and Negative End on each capacitor just like batteries do. The negative side usually has a different colored strip down its sides. When installing the new capacitor, put the negative end just like the other one was. Also, there will be two numbers on the capacitors. There will be Volts and uF. My suggestion is ALWAYS keep the same uF as your original one. When choosing what volt size, get a capacitor with the same as the orginal or hgher.

Dateline NBC – Credit Card Debt Trap Part 1 of 10 Many of the new LCD TVs are seeing their screens fail after very little use due to bad/open connections between the the LCD panel and the micro connections on the edge of the screen. This can produce a variety of symptoms which include vertical lines through the picture, double images, a dark picture, no picture, negative images, and smearing. While I’m sure it can cause other symptoms I have not mentioned. I discovered that spraying the edges of the display with freeze spray can be a quick way to determine if the LCD display is at fault.

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Related Blogs Here is a semi detailed video of a 50″ Philips plasma tv repair model 50PF9731D/37. This was my first TV repair and i thought it would be helpful to show how easy it can be. I replaced 2 3300uf 10v 105c capacitors. From what i’ve read this is one of the most common repairs for LCD and Plasma due to power surge. Total cost of repair was about in parts. Please feel free to ask any question in the comments section. Sorry about the audio in some spots, but i promise you didnt miss anything. Thanks!

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