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My fiance and I are preparing things for our new home and have stumbled a little when it comes to decorating the master bedroom. We have the bedding picked out, but don’t really know how we want to build the room around it. I want to pain the room a neutral beige or the shade of green at the foot of the bed. He wants to paint it the shade of green in the center of the bed. We considered chocolate brown, but it’s just too dark for the space we’re working with. What do you think? The bed and other wood furniture are cherry.|70811

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    These are the two I am considering:

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    Usally during the summer I will wear sneakers or flip flops. I dont really like sandals. But what other shoes go good with shorts/capris other than flip flops? I dont have a good fashion sense especially with shoes so any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
    What color would go good?
    Do you like these shoes? Would these be okay with shorts/capris?|50468|51786|50468|51786

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    I have a dell.
    Using vista 32bit w/2gb
    I need something that can print at least 65 sheets of black and white before the ink runs out.(or something reasonable)
    Ink bought in stores
    Kind of cheap,but good quality.
    Not planning on printing photos, but if it can print quality photos that will be a plus.

    Was looking into this,but reviews don’t look promising,and it seems as if ink cartridges runs out after 20 sheets 🙁
    DellTM V715w All-in-One Wireless Printer

    Something similar
    Does not have be a dell brand printer

    Thanks in advace
    (rushing out of the house so grammar and spelling may be off :))

    Student on a budget

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    are printer right now isn’t working at is it good?

    and can we use the same software that the printer comes with for 2 computers?(desktop and laptop)

    thanks for helping!!!

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    my younger sister wants to wear this as a costume..shes a u think this is for older ppl like teens or somthin or do u like it? i think its to mature looking for her.

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