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I’ve got a wireless router, and i like to keep my wifi unsecured, because I have a Wii and DS, so the highest security I could use would be WEP which I’ve tried and it makes my connection a lot slower. So I figured as long as I turned off file sharing on my desktop I could leave my wifi unsecured. The problem is to disable file sharing you need to have the Windows firewall on. I have Norton Internet Security 2009, and whenever I put the Windows firewall on, the Norton pops up and says that the Norton Firewall is better and I should keep that on. What should I do?

Im doing a project for my management class and I need this information in order to do a projected sales for the next few years– any idea or website where I could find this info?

1-What percentage of the US population has a home security system?

2- What % of people in the US have a Wireless Security System?


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ok, I have had my wireless connection set up for a while, I have gone to the and went to the wireless network config page. when the ssid is enabled and the wireless encription key is- not- enabled I can us my wireless on my other computer. but this leaves it open for anyone around my street to access my wireless. BUT when I go and click the box to enable both ssid and wireless security none of the wireless works. ( even the kids psp,ps3 etc)
How do I set this up so that I have full security and have all of my wireless computer/electronics able to connect to internet ( with out having to keep unchecking the -enable- box and leaving out network open to others? I am so confused, and Im betting its something really easy but I am just missing something?
tried it..doesnt work.

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I never bought a camera before. Which one should I start with? Should I buy on Ebay or go to a local store? How dificult is the installation?

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WAP, or WEP?? Do I really need any security for my home router??


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    i have wireless on my laptop and it wont let me connect to anybody that has there security on

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    I have a home network already set up. 3 computers are using xp pro and one is using vista home premium. I want to secure the wireless connection.

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    My friends like to mess with me, allot. So I figured I’d take matters into my own hands and ruin all there fun by catching them in the middle of whatever there doing so it hopefully wont be fun for them anymore and they’ll stop lol. So I was wondering if there were any wireless camera systems I could hook up outside, but hide them so they never know there even there. and if there was a way to get the live feed onto my computer or if somehow I could be alerted when someone was there somehow, some help lol

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