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Repair review of common LCD TV Problems and Repair Solutions LCD TV Repair explanation of Board Function and Repair Click Here for LCD TV REPAIR PARTS: http:…

My sister’s 3 year old 40 inch LCD had the classic blinking red led non start/turn on problem. The blinking sequence is a diagnostic tool if you know how to interpret it. We called the manufacturer and they covered the repair on this particular model even though it is three years old. Copy down the full model number(including suffixes), version number if any, and the serial number and see what the manufacturer says about the coverage. In our case, they offered a one time capacitor replacement for no charge. If your tv manufacturer does not cover the repair, it is not completely hopeless. The capacitor repair should not be too expensive or difficult. If you are QUALIFIED, you can replace the caps yourself for a few dollars. Make sure you disconnect the tv, discharge the capacitors or wait a few hours for the caps to discharge before making the repair. Basically, you just unsolder the bad capacitors and solder the good ones back in. There are many videos on soldering on youtube. I guess the point of my video is, why fix it yourself when you don’t have to. This is a known issue and the manufacturer will most likely cover it. Just google bad capacitors and LCD tv and you’ll find tons of info. All televisions have high voltages and can kill you. The bad capacitors in question are on the power supply board so be extra careful TV repair is not child’s play. Treat it with respect and be cautious. For plasma TV Y board repair check out my other video on this channel. Good luck. Sony Bravia LCD tv met KDL32EX500, KDL37EX500, KDL40EX500, KDL46EX500 en KDL55EX500 100Hz full HD LCD tv’s, Ziggo gecertificeerd! Demo video met uitleg over specs, maten, design en installatie. Sony Bravia KDL32EX500 – Sony Bravia KDL37EX500 – Sony Bravia KDL40EX500 – Sony Bravia KDL46EX500 – Sony Bravia KDL55EX500 –

An LCD TV exploded because of short circuit and fire was caught in the house. Fortunately, no family member was present at the time of explosion and the neighbors informed fire brigade officials. This is a lesson for everyone that one should not only switch off the television from remote but must also put off the main switch to avoid such unfortunate incidents.

Redneck Tv repair Shooting a 375 , 454 Ruger and 12ga buch shoot at a 55 Vizio led tv . Then a Special shot from a Ruger Mini 14 MUSIC BY-

1. Samsung PN42C450 42-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV (Black) 2. Samsung LN46C630 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV (Black) 3. Samsung LN40C630 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV (Black) 4. Samsung UN46C6300 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV (Black)…

Hannspree SJ42DMBB LCD TV Fails Poor CUSTOMER SERVICE Hannspree SJ42DMBB LCD TV Product No. SJ42DMBBREA5B Model Number – HSG1117 Fault Description — A delay, (very slow), in showing television program details with On Screen Display, (OSD). Picture shows behind but can take 5 seconds before channel detail are displayed. This does not occur on all channels but can be extremely annoying when it does as it is not possible to know the details of the program. Date of Purchase – 12 August 2010. Return for repair/replacement Reference number: HAN 580762 about Monday 11 April 2011 Collection details: For Monday 11 April 2011 via Centrex, between 09:00 and 17:30. After spending quite a bit of money packing it and waiting all day they did not pick it up for repair and have not bothered to contact me about this problem. I contacted them about the problem I even sent them a video to show the problem. Poor CUSTOMER SERVICE

Samsung LCD TV’s have problems turning on. Well known problem due to bad capacitors on the power supply. Class Action Lawsuit should be filed. I am in Canada and looking for people to join me. Samsung is not accepting responsibility and my 00 TV is just older than the warranty period. I had to fix it myself but I bought 2 other Samsung TV’s and Blu-Rays at the same time and now I’m praying they aren’t affected. I will never buy Samsung again.

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