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what kinda diet worked for you??

does any body have the Atkins diet??
or any other effective diet .. please provide it for me…

what is South Beach Diet?

I know what your saying, you shouldn’t eat junk food while dieting. But things similar to popcorn, cake, a cupcake, small things. How often should you eat junk food while dieting?

I still have 2 months left until I give birth, but I am really excited about getting back to weight watchers. I want to hear from other moms, how long after giving birth did you wait to start a diet. I know that it is recommended 6 weeks until you can start exercising, especially after a c-section. But Im not sure about the dieting guidelines I will ask my doctor at my next appointment, especially since weight watchers is really just a way of eating healthier and not really a diet. Just want to hear when did you start? Please no rude answers!

Someone told me when I started my diet to go buy some fish oil pills. I know they help control heart disease and lows your risk of cancer but how does it help when your dieting because I don’t understand.
She said they boost your metabolism from the omega 3 fatty acids that are found in the oil. But I don’t know if it’s true.

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    I’m dieting right now, and I want to know how many weeks after will I see the results? Thanks!

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      & how often should an epileptic be eating a day while dieting?

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        I overate for one day and I’ve been dieting and exercising for over two weeks now. Will I automatically gain the fat back?

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          I am 14.I dance and i try to exercise. Big butts, thighs, and chest (boobs) run in my family on both sides. I am really trying to lose that extra weight so i can wear a bikini by this summer but I really want to lose my extra weight wayyyy before that, like within 2-3 weeks max. I hate dieting but i will definitely commit to trimming down my intake. HELP !

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