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Wanted to go last October but thought why would our lady show herself only to certain people in certain places, Lourdes, Fatima, Syracuse?
I mean she could just appear at the local church if she wanted to surely?

There are many holy people who pray, are pure and good, do the rosary, but never have visions, why is this?
If I’m honest, sometimes praying just seems like talking to yourself like you are mad!

I sincerely thank each and everyone of ur answers for or against to my polling question. It is not my intention to challenge anyone but it is with love that i hope to ask u to read the source i included and ponder. Pls, read. reflect and do something. My plead is like the story in Noark Art. I don’t mind u throw at me but pls read and not ignore the article. pls…

Are they the real deal, as at Fatima and Lourdes, or are they just a pious scam cooked up by some Franciscan Elmer Gantrys?

Even after the Vatican has condemned the messages the ‘ lady’ was giving, people still go there to receive ‘her’ messages. I keep up with the site and messages and see how many of them are contrary to our belief. This is one I just saw:

The one from July 2 is clearly wrong! I don’t believe in these apparitions. Well I don’t believe they are valid and from the Holy Virgin. Do the ‘seer’s not know what the messages are? Can they not read and hear and see that these are contrary to Catholic teaching?

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    I’ve been hearing about these apparitions of the Blessed Mother to.a certain few, and that she is giving them "secrets" concerning the future of the world. Some say that they predict the end of time; others say there are blessings for us. All I want is some clarity about this, so answers are greatly appreciated.

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      they were buried with her per my mothers request. I would love to get her another rosary from Medjugorje………..all of the sights are nothing close to what the real thing was…. the originals were wooden, dark brown and a bracelet. any ideas?

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        I was in the hospital earlier today and I found on the floor a small (very small) medal with the word "MEDUGORJE" on the bottom under (what I assume is) Marry aka "Our Lady" on the front side, and St. James Church on the back.
        I’m not a Catholic and I am very curious as to what this medal stands for also what is "medjugorie" the internet is of no help to me; would someone kindly explain this to me.
        Thank you.

        ps- Would anyone be kind enough to enlighten me as to what each bead on the "Rosemary necklaces" represents? Thank you!

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          I am just interested in these twoplaces and NOT Lourdes

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            Thank you

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              Apparitions in Medjugorje.

              I am talking about the messages given to six young people in Bosnia-Hercegovina since the 1980’s from Mary.

              Shes has given them 10 secrets about the future of the world including chastisements from God for the world.
              Mary has appeared to each person individually every day since 1984.

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