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would this bedding look good with a log bedroom suite?
if not can you please give me some links with cute bedding for log bedroom suites….thnks

At the moment, my guinea pig has newspaper at the bottom, then a layer of straw and then hay. What type of bedding would suit a hutch outside? Also, I’ve seen the carefresh bedding in my local pet store, but is it best for outdoor hutches? Thanks.

where would be a good place to get bright, teen bedding for a good price?
preferably a bed/ room in a bag.

I am currently using carefresh bedding but was wondering the other types of bedding. I know wood shavings are not the greatest so I was just wondering what else I could do.

my hamsters always kick away the bedding were they sleep in.Is there a problem with them.

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    does anyone know a good place where i could get a reversiable comforter with sham or pillow case set for a pretty cheap cost? i would like it to be more of a summer comforter so not a real thick hot one.
    links are accepted =]

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      I am looking for cute, affordable black and white bedding from reliable sites that can be shipped to my house.

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        I am making a podcast of various news stories for a radio demo. I can’t find any bedding tracks like the BBC have though. ANy ideas where i can get them for free / very cheap that sound good? Or any songs that sound a bit like a news bed?

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          My fiance and I are preparing things for our new home and have stumbled a little when it comes to decorating the master bedroom. We have the bedding picked out, but don’t really know how we want to build the room around it. I want to pain the room a neutral beige or the shade of green at the foot of the bed. He wants to paint it the shade of green in the center of the bed. We considered chocolate brown, but it’s just too dark for the space we’re working with. What do you think? The bed and other wood furniture are cherry.


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            I just planted some [24 pack] bedding plants whats can I do to make sure they grow? lol

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