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i have had a couple of orchids for years. they have never flowered and have only made a stem once. they grow new leaves, but as they do the older ones die. what am i doing wrong?
yes, i water them and i have tried every growing method i know of. currently they are in a commercially prepared orchid mix.

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    I still haven’t decided if I’m doing wedding favors yet. I feel like that are a waste of money. However, I’m torn between personalized guitar picks or personalized bottled water. My fiance is in a popular local band so I like the guitar pick idea. Our ceremony is outside and I like the bottled water idea also. What do you think?

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      My optometrist says that I have dry eyes and told me to use either systane (non-contact lens) or the blink (for contact lens) eye drops. She also told me hot towel over the eyes for about 5 minutess per day.
      I have used to put on the blink eye drops. But recently I have switched to using systane ultra high performance eye drops (i haven’t wear contact lenses for a few months) and the veins in my eyes have increased so I stopped using it. It have already been a few days but the veins did not go away.

      Also when I cry, I realized that my eyes becomes very red (all the small little veins all appear at the same time). Is there something wrong with my eyes?

      Are there ways to improve my eye’s health condition. I do eat flax seed (contains omega 3-essential fatty acid)…but it doesn’t do much help. I don’t have much money left…and if i go back to my optometrist I am unsure whether they will charge me again for an eye exam

      Thank you

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        I know that anthropopseudodoraphobia is the fear of people in animal costumes, but my teenage sister is terrified specifically of gruesome Halloween-ish animal costumes. Werewolves mostly. She wasn’t afraid of the werewolf in Harry Potter, because it looked somewhat realistic, but anything that looks fake and unnatural scares her. It’s a bit strange. One of the old Narnia movies features Maugrim the wolf in a terribly unrealistic costume, and she had nightmares after seeing it. It was bizarre. Anyway, I was just wondering if this is an actual phobia.

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          I read that some priests are unsure about Medjugorje apparitions.I think because the "mother mary" was suggesting disloyalty to priest/causing division and they said God/mary wouldnt do this or ask this from people.
          Anyway,so i think either some priest dont believe its true Mother Mary,or at least they arn’t sure 100%.
          If they believe that it wasn’t true Mother Mary,then what would they believe it is-eg:satan disguising self as Mother Mary to decieve/cause division,
          or "manmade" lie to produce tourism money/fame/other


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            In nearly every battery operated device the instructions call for some batteries to be inserted positive side down, and the other half positive side up. Suddenly, after a lifetime of using batteries, I woke up wondering WHY?

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              I want to modify my 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier and i don’t know any good websites. I want a body kit, seats, and other stuff. Is there a site just for Chevy’s or what is the most reliable site to get parts?

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                I’m going to try to make time to go to the gym 4-5 times a week, but it’s difficult in college. I really just want to lose 10 or 15 pounds and I’m wondering how long it would take to do that with just dieting.

                I try to take in about 1000 to 1400 calories a day when I’m watching what I eat. How long will this take?

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                  Just a question that came to mind. I spent so much on mine. I spent so much but my computer owns right now.

                  When first bought: 750 bucks (with basic monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.)
                  Monitor (22"): around 200 bucks
                  My Wireless Keyboard: 60 bucks
                  My Wireless Mouse: 40 bucks
                  My Speakers Set (5-piece): 180 bucks
                  Upgrading to 4GB Ram: 150 bucks
                  Upgrading to 1TB HD: 200 bucks
                  Upgrading to better graphic card: 200 bucks
                  Sound card upgrade: 50 bucks
                  Upgrading to Intel Core 2 Quad: 200 bucks

                  So that’s the basic hardware: 30

                  To add all the accessories:

                  Printer: 200 bucks
                  Scanner: 150 bucks
                  External HD: 100 bucks
                  Extra CD drive: 50 bucks
                  Generator: 150 bucks
                  Webcam: 50 bucks
                  Microphone: 30 bucks
                  Racing Wheel: 100 bucks
                  Joystick: 50 bucks
                  Gamepad: 30 bucks

                  Which brings me to a total of 40

                  I’m not even going to include the price of all the software 😛

                  How much have YOU spent on building your perfect computer?

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                    My fragrences are Channel Chance, emporio armani she eau de parfum, Victoria Secret Satin, Dolce Gabban Light Blue. Burberry London. Avon Trisselle. These are the kind of smells i love, with that in mind what other perfumes do you suggest that would fit me?

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